Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® - 3 Gallon Paint Remover

Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® - 3 Gallon Paint Remover

Peel Away® Paint Remover - As Seen On "This Old House" and "Home Again".
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Peel Away® Smart Strip Paint Remover
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Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® - 3 Gallon Paint Remover:
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Peel Away® Smart Strip - 3 Gallon Paint Removal System -


  • Removes up to 15 layers of paint and industrial coatings in one application
  • Coverage 135 - 150 sq. ft. per 3 gallons. Very cost effective!
  • User friendly, does not contain methylene chloride, caustic or toxic chemicals, will not burn hands
  • Water based formula
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • Odor free
  • Does not require neutralization
  • For interior and exterior use
Product Description:

A revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, the substrate and the environment. This 100% biodegradable, water-based stripper is extremely effective for removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings from virtually all interior/exterior surfaces - wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, fiberglass, etc. Smart Strip does not contain methylene chloride, caustic, or toxic chemicals. It is odor free. Smart Strip is exceptional for the safe removal of lead based paint and is excellent for intricate, carved or molded surfaces. It is also great for removing marine paints without damaging the gel coat. Because it is a paste, Smart Strip can easily be applied by brush, roller or conventional airless sprayer. It is formulated to remain wet and effective over extended periods of time and does not require the use of Peel Away® Paper. Although the use of Peel Away® Paper will accelerate the removal process and extend dwell time. Peel Away® Paper can be purchased separately.


Works on almost all surfaces, wood, brick, concrete, plaster, steel, iron, fiberglass, etc. Easily adheres to vertical or overhang surface. Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.


Limitations: For best results, surface temperatures should be 60ºF – 95ºF. Product can be applied as low as 37ºF, however, efficiency/effectiveness are reduced and dwell time increases.

Test Patch: Always prepare a test area on each type of surface and paint coating prior to full application. Testing before beginning the project is the best way to ensure product suitability. This will also determine the proper thickness of the remover and the dwell time required for project completion.

Preparation: Mask/protect areas where stripping is not desired, including adjoining surfaces where overspray may travel. Polyethylene (plastic sheets) and masking tape create an effective barrier. Plants and other foliage should be covered or rinsed thoroughly before and during application.

NOTE: SMART STRIP™ will not affect glass, aluminum, or plastic surfaces.

Application & Spread Rate: Using brush, roller or airless spray, apply approximately 1/6” to 1/8” thick (refer to test patch results) according to the age, number of layers, and type of coating being removed. SMART STRIP™ provides an average spread rate of 45 - 50 sq. ft. per gallon; results may vary.

Removal: Remove softened/lifted paint using a scraper, taping knife, squeegee or power washer. Agitate tough to remove residue with a stiff nylon brush or scouring pad, paying particular attention to crevices, grooves and cracks. Exterior stripped surfaces should be rinsed thoroughly with a power washer. Interior surfaces can be rinsed using a spray bottle or pail, a sponge and water, or denatured alcohol to remove remaining residue.

Clean Up: Collect remover, paste and paint residue in plastic bags and dispose of in compli-ance with local government regulations. Do not collect or store removed paint/paste waste in metal containers. Clean up airless sprayer by running water or denatured alcohol through the equipment soon after application has been completed. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before repainting.

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Peel Away® Smart Strip

I love the new Peel Away® Smart Strip. We worked with other paint removers in the past and nothing comes close to the effectiveness of this product. We used it in our bathroom to remove paint from our tile floor. It worked great! We also used it on our cupboard doors in our kitchen. Again it did not have any problem removing the paint right down to the wood. Thank you for providing us with such an easy to use effective paint remover.

Susan T.
New York, NY


Peel Away® 1 Paint Removal

My wife and I recently purchased the Peel Away® 1 Package from your website. After trying to chip and sand paint from our fireplace mantle we decided to try your product. After reading through the directions we decided on doing a test area. We applied the Peel Away® and placed the paper on top. We left it over night and in the morning checked it. WOW!! It took the paint right down to the wood. We can't wait to do the rest. Thank you

Steven W.


Peel Away® 7 Paint Removal

Hello, this is Joy S. from Tucson Arizona. I just got done using the Peel Away® 7 on the exterior brick on my home. It worked great. I have enclosed some pictures of the work. It was surprisingly easy to use. I just applied about a 1/8 in thick layer over the brick and applied the Peel Away® Paper. I then let it sit most of the day. I then removed it with a pressure washer. It came off no problem. I am looking to do the back of my home soon and will be purchasing again.

Joy S. Tucson


Peel Away® Marine Strip

I recently purchased Marine Strip paint remover for my 16 ft fiberglass Maverick. After having this boat since I was a kid I wanted to restore it. After searching around on the Internet I found your product. I am happy to say that the results are amazing. It took the bottom paint off and did not harm the gel coat. I had it painted back to its original color. It looks fantastic.

Scott J.
Little Chute WI

Peel Away® 5 Gel

I used your Peel Away® 5 gel product on our warehouse floor to remove old isle markers that were painted on for the forklifts. The paint came right up and cleanup was very quick. Thanks for all your advice.

Jeff L.