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Peel Away® Smart Strip Paint Remover
Discount Prices Starting at: $19.94
PEEL AWAY® Smart Strip This 100% biodegradable, water-based stripper is extremely effective for removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings from virtually all interior/exterior surfaces.

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Peel Away® 7 Paint Removal - "for wood to be kept natural color"
PEEL AWAY® 7 is an environmentally safe paint remover used to remove oil and latex paint. Works well when removing paint from wood to be kept it's natural color after stripping. Should be used in situations where you are looking to keep the wood in its natural form.
Discount Prices start at $26.59 | Size Options
Peel Away® 1 Paint Removal - The PEEL AWAY® 1 System is an environmentally safe method of removing up to thirty two (32) layers of lead or oil based paint in a single application from most surfaces and there are NO FUMES AND NO FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS. Best used if you are looking to repaint the surface after stripping.
Discount Prices start at $50.34 | Size Options
Lead Stop® Lead Paint Encapsulation
LEAD STOP® Encapsulating Compound is a thick elastomeric coating that is made to be a long lasting barrier over lead based paint. When applied according to directions, Lead Stop provides a protective barrier coat that seals, blocks in lead that is contained in old lead based paints on previously painted surfaces.
Prices start at $368.59 | Size Options
Peel Away® 5 Gel Industrial Strength Coatings Remover
PEEL AWAY® 5 is an environmentally safe industrial coatings remover that has been specifically designed to remove high strength chemically resistant floor coatings. (epoxies, urethanes, etc.) There is NO METHYLENE CHLORIDE, OR CAUSTIC SOLVENT in this product. Nothing works better for the removal of industrial floor coatings.
Discount Prices start at $412.29 | Size Options
Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip Paint Remover
PEEL AWAY® MARINE SAFETY STRIP is an environmentally safe paint remover used for the removal of bottom paint from fiberglass, wood and metal boats without any damage to the fiberglass gel coat. Developed specifically for the safe removal of marine finishings.
Discount Prices start at $88.34 | Size Options
Mastic Remover
Specifically designed to quickly, easily and safely dissolve floor tile mastic, spray adhesives, black mastic and glues from all surfaces. It is 100% organic and does not contain any hazardous chlorinated solvents. An Incredible Mastic Removal System.
Discount Prices start at $245.09 | View Options
Aerosol Graffiti Remover
Removes graffiti from brick, metal, glass, wood, and painted surfaces doing no damage to the surface! Aerosol Graffiti Remover is formulated to effectively and easily remove existing graffiti from the most difficult surfaces (without damaging them) while being safe and friendly to the environment.
Discount Prices start at $11.86 | View Options
Stoko Cupran Special
Contains natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers. Designed to effectively remove oil based paints, lacquers, multicomponent paints and resins, glues, etc. from your hands. A replacement for the use of thinners and other technical solvents.
Discount Prices start at $11.62 | View Options

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Paint Removal Product Testimonials

Peel Away® Smart Strip Paint Remover
I love the new Peel Away® Smart Strip. We worked with other paint removers in the past and nothing comes close to the effectiveness of this product. We used it in our bathroom to remove paint from our tile floor. It worked great! We also used it on our cupboard doors in our kitchen. Again it did not have any problem removing the paint right down to the wood. Thank you for providing us with such an easy to use effective paint remover.

Susan T., New York, NY

Peel Away® 1 Paint Removal
My wife and I recently purchased the Peel Away® 1 Package from your website. After trying to chip and sand paint from our fireplace mantle we decided to try your product. After reading through the directions we decided on doing a test area. We applied the Peel Away® and placed the paper on top. We left it over night and in the morning checked it. WOW!! It took the paint right down to the wood. We can't wait to do the rest. Thank you

Steven W., California

Peel Away® 7 Paint Removal
Hello, this is Joy S. from Tucson Arizona. I just got done using the Peel Away® 7 on the exterior brick on my home. It worked great. I have enclosed some pictures of the work. It was surprisingly easy to use. I just applied about a 1/8 in thick layer over the brick and applied the Peel Away® Paper. I then let it sit most of the day. I then removed it with a pressure washer. It came off no problem. I am looking to do the back of my home soon and will be purchasing again.

Thanks, Joy S. Tucson

Peel Away® 7 Paint Removal

You don't get a much more versatile paint stripper than Peel Away 7, a thick gel that can be used on anything from a beaded ceiling in an old bungalow to fine wood furniture, or even something as exotic as a B2 bomber built out of graphite-composite materials ..... That versatility is due to Peel Away 7's chief ingredient, n-methyl pyrrolidone, a new breed of low-odor solvent that dissolves coatings without attacking the material underneath. Its thickened formulation enables the stripper to cling to vertical and overhead surfaces. In architectural refinishing that's especially important.... It's capable of removing any coating from epoxy to more common coatings such as varnish or polyurethanes. And it contains no methylene chloride, caustics or solvents.

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Peel Away® Marine Strip
No boat owner should be without it!
I recently purchased Marine Strip paint remover for my 16 ft fiberglass Maverick. After having this boat since I was a kid I wanted to restore it. After searching around on the Internet I found your product. I am happy to say that the results are amazing. It took the bottom paint off and did not harm the gel coat. I had it painted back to its original color. It looks fantastic.

Scott J., Little Chute WI